Martin specialises in three main areas: SEO, Website Design and Photography…

SEO, Website Design & Photography

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the main focuses I have at the moment. There are so many excellent sites out there – but if they don’t have people using them, what use are they? Should you wish to improve your websites performance in Google and the other Search Engines, I will gladly do a free analysis of your keywords to see if it is possible for me to hep you.
Website Design
When creating or updating a website, always take the following things into account: The website should be accessible to everyone The content is unique – not just copied from other sources The code used to create your webpage should meet the relevant standards
Martin is lucky enough to have been selected to be one of the freelance photographers that provides content for both the eGigs and eFestivals music sites. Many thanks to them for the experience (go an check out both sites!)… By viewing my blog you will be able to see some of my photography work. Should you need any photography accessories or supplies, let me know and I will see if I can assist you in finding a cheaper supplier. Martin Evans is partnering with a number of suppliers to help get you the best deals…