WordPress hacks: Promote your RSS feed

By adding the following code to your functions.php you can add a link to the bottom of every post asking people to sign up to your RSS feed (of course, edit the text and you can get it to say what you want). What a great way to promote your … Read More

WordPress hack: .htaccess rewrite for login URL

By adding just one line of code to your .htaccess file you can easily change your wordpress login from to which is much easier to remember and type (also for customers it’s easier to explain to them). Don’t forget to backup your .htaccess file before making changes to it. RewriteRule … Read More

WordPress hacks: Members only content shortcode

Have you seen the content lockers that require you to either tweet or like a post etc in order to view a link or a piece of information? This little hack will integrate a shortcode that hides information from people that aren’t logged in at your site. Add this to … Read More

WordPress hacks: compulsory featured image

Many themes nowadays look much better if your posts have a featured image. Using words on their own sometimes just isnt enough – to get your point across images are required. Using the code below, you can force a post to have a featured image set before the post is … Read More

How to earn money through SEO

There are so many people the world over who are making their fortune through SEO but most people don’t realise this. Using search engine optimisation can mean that your website attracts more visitors and those who are clever are able to get customers from these visitors. The following tips might … Read More